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Journalist Federation Welcomes to ‘Clinie Feed’


KATHMANDU – Nepali Journalist Federation has thanked Nepal government for arranging ‘Clean Food’ in the advertisement bill in question of federal parliament.

The Federation has thanked the government for demonstrating the solidarity of implementing the Clinic Feed Ad in the advertisement bill. The media has requested the government to bring media press bill and information technology bill to bring press and expression freedom-related bill by discussing the bill with the participants to withdraw the freedom of press and expression.

Today, the general secretary of the Federation Ramesh Bista said that the government’s policy of policy and journalism has been keeping high priority in the issues related to applying ‘Cleanin feed’ system in the papers submitted in various phases and pass documents. ‘

The Federation has expressed faith in the vital development of Nepalese media through sustainable development. The Federation has reassured the Government to solve the problem through negotiation and dialogue with the aggressive side. The Federation is organizing the Karunan paintings exhibition of poets and poets of renowned Katurenestas of the famous poets in Vasantanpur.


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