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Baburam-Gagan Continues Battle !!


In the last general election, Baburam Bhattarai’s new Navy Shrestha Party Nepal and Nepali Congress had an election alliance. In Gorkhha-2, the Congress left Baburam’s seat.

Narayan Kaji Shrestha had risen from the Left Alliance of UML-Maoist in the same area.

After the election campaign came to an end, Baburam called Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba one day- Deewaji had to send Gagan to speech on the election schedule.

Goddess happens. A few days later, Gagan reached the Bhachakch of Gorkha, riding a helicopter. The Election Commission spoke.

He said that when Congress conquered Baburam Bhattarai, Congress conquered, our thoughts would be strengthened.

Baburam won the election from Gorkha-2. For one and a half years, the party’s single member of the party did not give the expression of the heartbreaking of the Congress.

Samajwadi Party Nepal became Nepal and joined the federal socialist forum of Baburam’s new power and Upendra Yadav’s leadership on April 23. Baburam became a 17-member party.

After 10 days, Baburam gave the expression to annoy Congress for the first time.

He said in a program organized at Pokhara on Sept. 5, the Congress era. He had a great role in establishing democracy. Now Congress should be honored and kept in the Museum. Samajwadi Party has come to prosper and develop the country.

After winning the election, Vijay Rally held in Gorkhha Bazaar, after five years in the Congress assembly, Baburam said that the Congress leader Gorkhha had left religion, but the central leaders did not open their mouth.

Bhattarai talked about a month ago that talks have been resumed again.

Congress member Gagan Thapa, who reached Bhattarai’s hometown Palungtar, said that Bhattarai was nominated for the election in the last election.

Thapa said that the Congress should be kept in a museum after winning the election by Congress. Thapa said, “The election is calculated in the coming elections.”

Thapa has called for election misconduct by the Congress to help Bhattarai to win the election.

He adds, “Even the leaders of Baburam Jattshet demanded that parliament should be put in force. But he trapped the Congress. The Congress apologizes while atonement of that election in the election.

Bhattarai handed over the reply to the criticism that Thapa reached in his home town.

The Congress did not understand the politics of electoral alliance.

Bhattarai has tweeted, “Congrats may well be able to understand the politics of election alliance. Gorkha and Rasuwa have joined the new power and Nepali Congress. New power in Gorkhha 2, Congress won in Raswa.

He argued that with the help of one another won the election.

Why did the Congress forget that it would not win over the Rasuwa without the support of the new power? There is unity and opposition both in democracy, “Bhattarai said.

Bhattarai could not talk about this much. On Sunday morning, Bhattarai made the same subject. Bhattarai urged the Congress to tackle the BP, despite the ideology of BP’s reconciliation policy by the Kamal Thapa leadership.

BP is now abducted by RappaPapa. Rapprappa laughing after the Congress made strategy and ideology to the reconciliation process adopted by BP in a specific moment. What can be said by the soul of BP, ‘Bhattarai has lifted Thapa,’ is Congress friends, then defend BP’s earlier. Baburam’s forgiveness will be followed later. We are ready together. ‘

Answering the concern shown by Battattarai for BP, RPA could not abduct the BSP, who could not end the massacre, the violence could not end.

On Tuesday, in the reply given to Bhattarai, “BP is now abducted by RPP!” Protect BP beforehand, do not worry about the doctor. BP’s idea is Congress’s soul, ‘Thapa has written,’ Rappapa can not abduct this today even today as his massacre was not able to end the BP’s thoughts.

Baburam, who has gone on a new journey by leaving the party fighting the People’s War, has not returned the new argument to the Ganges.


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