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What Biplov Said That Blows My Mind : Prachand


Kathmandu – Addressing the fourth Nagar Sabha of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality, Kathmandu, said that he is preparing to come to the political base in a hurry on the political basis, saying Prachand has said that the opposition would come to political base soon.

‘I know the distinction most closely. Of course, now two bombs have risen. This phenomena also inspired the opposition to move to a new touch. Just as friends are coming to the mainstream. Similarly, Vandal said, ‘I do not hate her in his heart.’

President Prachand said he had already made the talks compelled to think deeply even after talking to him at the meeting with himself and talking to him personally while he was together.

Now I have found that Vipal has not been engaged in Bombay. Prachand said that there would be no longer a day in the country for the conflict. ‘There is a peaceful solution – yes. It is not long, ‘Prachand said.

When Vajpayee argued in a meeting, Prachand said that Viveev’s one thing by wondering his mind. But the room brought us to Kathmandu in that meeting! But does not Bombay get to get women from a Tamang community in Nuwarkot to Kathmandu? Asked, Prachand told the people about the issue.

We are also in discussions with the truth and determination. We are the same boat. We have climbed in the same boat. There is no state of departure, “Prachand said. Prachand said that there was no alternative to development and national importance on national importance.


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