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Salute of The Leader : Some People Bow Down In The Hotel, And Some Stands on The Table


Mahalakshmi Municipality, Mayor of Dhankuta, Parashuram Nepal has hit ‘hit’ on social networks since Sunday.

Not working fast Take salute, that too on the table.

With the candidature of the Nepali Communist Party UML, the Vijayushamam, who was defeated by the party in the Mayor, got the photo Viral. Other guests in the picture are standing in the field. Many have planted a garland. If the Mayor is among the most different, the table stands on the table.

Such photographs are being criticized after public. However, Parshuram is not alone at the same time holding himself in a high position.

The last time from Central to local level leaders is the ‘trend’ of this salami, which make new ones new to show themselves different from others. Some people penetrate the red cloth with a cloth and some people climb on the table.

In the past, the police gave salute when central level leaders and ministers visited the district or village. After the country went to federalism, seven states and 753 local bodies were formed. Three governments became central, state and local. The village just got the right to center, the sacred ritual also reached.

Like yesterday, the village and Municipality chiefs went to the village for the participation of the villagers and ministers who went to the village from the center. Such people who have saluted salaries have remained in dispute after one another.

Earlier, in the sports program organized in the village of Okhaladunga, Uttarkumar Khadka, the state’s MP, Mohan Kumar Khadka, was also ‘Viral’.

He was standing on the red pistols of the red cloth. Khadka Okhaladunga was won in the Rajya Sabha area (b) of the UCPN-Maoist politician.

Rajya Sabha MP Mohan Kumar Khadka.
Gandhik Pradesh Chief Minister, Satyasubba Guru.
Even the Chief Minister of State Government in the salary wave!

Chief Minister of the state Government of Gandhiki, Prasashubba Guru, has not yet been discussed. Chief Minister Gurung Sawai appears in a high position standing in a high position than other guests standing.

Far East-West Territory Chief Trilochan Bhatt walked in red carpets in the declaration of openly declared area.

He was criticized for participating in the declaration of open Declaration of Darchula in Dargula last year in the past year, while participating in the red carpet like Bhatt Raja.

Minister of Physical Infrastructure Development Development Minister Pranan Singh Bahha was also in the discussion with Chief Minister.

Due to this incident, it is not only to scatter red carpets, but to spend more than six million people for hospitality.

Local level and state elections were not only present, before the Center’s leaders and ministers had seen salute for salute. Salami’s curiosity is also the case of ministerial dispute.

Haribul Gajureel, who was also the Union Treasurer of the Treasurer, was given the greetings by the police at Gurkha’s residence in Mirak.

KP Sharma Oli, who was the Prime minister for the first time, was given the salary of five police officers by placing Nepalese flag in the parking lot of the hotel to Gajureel.

Far-West Territory Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatt.
Hariboll Gajurel
Gajureel also has reason why the police reached the hotel at the same time.

Meanwhile, UCPN (Maoist) President Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who reached Gorkha, was disappointed with the local administration (CD / SP) saying that he did not get him to the police station. In the program held at the party office, Dahal gave the warning till warning to be serious.

The next day, he returned to Kathmandu, to bandit the band Baldev Gautam. Gautam was only Gorkha’s CDs for 43 days.

After taking the same steps from the UCPN-Maoist, after the minister Gajureel reached Gorkha, the police station reached the hotel to open him. The then Chief of Police, Janakra Pandey, the restoration minister, where Bass was sitting, for the first time, he had saved the tradition of opening the vacuum.

Another incident occurred in the house of Mansoor 2073.

The then Nepali Development Minister, Nepali Congress leader Arjun Narsingh KC, when his father’s house was going to Birr, Nuwarkot’s house, he reached the house and gave him salute.

KC said that the KC party had saluted the police and had only assumed that only after receiving protest against the social networks.

At that time, Bab Bahadur Bohara, who was SP in Nuwakot, had given the response to the minister as per the rules of the organization.

Arjununsingh KC
Mahendra Bahadur Shahi
Uttar Pradesh leader Uttar Pradesh leader Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, who was the Prime Minister of Sher Bahadur Deuba, had been criticized for the long time. In 2074, when he was a non-participant minister, he escaped from the police outside the hotel where he was staying at Kalikot.

The Chief Election Commissioner of Abuse of Investigation, Commissioner Lokman Singh Karki has registered the role of the High Commissioner in Parliament, who has royally fought the royal Maoist war and has played role in the role of seven and seven number commander commanders.

He also criticized the King’s style. He is the Chief Minister of Karnali.

Similarly, central and local level leaders are also the last examples of salami falsehood, Parshuram Nepal, Mayor of Mahlakshmi Municipality Dankuta.

He has saved his photo after ‘Viral’.

The municipality has announced that the incident has been overlined to the social network for the inauguration of the municipal eleven President Rangingfield Challenge competition organized by the municipality on August 24.


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