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Foreign Channel Are Banded In Nepal !


Broadcasting of foreign channels for two days has stopped. The Internet and Digital TV Coordination Committee and the Nepal Television Federation have jointly closed all foreign channels that are broadcasting advertisements.

According to the Federation, the channels will be closed from 3am to 3pm on Monday afternoon on Monday. The federation has not stopped the transmission of advertised channels.

Contrary to the ‘Advertising Act, 2076’, television service providers have closed foreign channels for advertising for 24 hours.

The maximum amount of foreign channels in the proposed advertising law, 2076, will not be able to broadcast foreign advertisements. Now this Act has reached the convention for discussion. Nepal Telecommunications Federation chairman Sudh Par Parajali said to Whitepath.

85 percent of the channels in the broadcast channels are foreigners. The Indian Broadcasters Forum said that only Nepal will be practically and commercially unable to provide Clinic Feeds, advertisement channels.

After the implementation of this Act, the Indian Broadcasters should shut the channel to advertise advertisement on the Clin Feed. The federation has been protesting 24 hours for informing about the problem of sleep.

Parujuli says investment of billions of rupees of digital TV business for ‘proposed advertisement, 2076’. The Federation has urged the government to be serious if the Nepali people should be deprived of the information given by the Constitution and the right to entertainment.


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