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When The Car Started Burning At Tribhuvan Airport


A smoke was fired on a car, which was entering the Turbuban airport at 4 am on Saturday afternoon.

Ritesh Shrestha, 28, who was a resident of Tahalchal Kathmandu, entered the airport to take his relatives. After seeing the smoke coming in the front of the vehicle, the police, who had been there, told his government officials.

Soap SSP Sandeep Bhandari came to the spot. He also came to the airport with fireplace fire to fire. The light of the color of Ba-5-83-95 from the fire has burnt the front of the vehicle.

SSP Bhandari said that there would be no time to save when the information was received during the time.

Due to the reason, the vehicle has not been able to open fire. The police estimates that due to an old car, it may be short.


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