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The Guthi Bill Question Raised In The Parliament Again By The President

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Kathmandu The passage of the passage of passengers in connection with severe criminal offenses is not only the case of the judicial body but also the passage of the passport and the passage of the bill to the Parliament. The passage of passport will come back with the new process. Due to the dispute of two members of the federal parliament, the verdict came back from the order.

The Bill will now be completed with amendment, consensus, and will be held again in the House. Bill will be passed only for the verification after both the house is passed. After the dispute, President Vidyadhi Bhandari had returned the bill for reconsideration. The passage passed by the delegation was passed in the National Assembly for the time period of time the bill was received.

There was a dispute after being sent for the verification period. After the bail consultation of the President, the bill was back. The Bill passed by the Representative, did not send any information within 60 days, but the bill was sent for authentication due to constitutional arrangements that could not be sent for certification.

The dissatisfaction was expressed by the National Assembly that the bill was counted even after the concluding conclusion was sent to the constituency under the consideration of the bill. After returning to the reconsideration, the bill is now being started by the National Assembly delegated management and the chairman of the Government Assistant Committee, Ram Narayan Bidari said.

According to Bidari, the bill is now in progress as it is a new registered. Only after passing from the House goes to the process of authentication. Between the two House disputes, President Bhandari had sent the bill back on issuing passenger and ambiguity in terms of use.

Members of the National Assembly had expressed dissatisfaction saying the message was not sent to the bill under consideration and sent it for verification.


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