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Local Government Finishes Village Budget By Sitting In The Headquarter !!


Although the administrative center of the Kusesh village in Jararkot, the work has been done in the office of President and Vice President of the district.

Hanschandra Basnet and Vice President Rama Ramya Shahi of the village level have been able to operate offices at home and understand their home.

After work in the village, it has been a rift that the office will soon get faster and work faster.

Only the freight has been paid in the village’s work. Local people are disturbed in the development of developmental development even if Singarborar arrives in the village.

Most of the programs being done in the Kaushas village have been shown in the Kaushas village only by doing paper in the district headquarters.

Locals say that the speed of local government is also the same as the tendency to hurry only after the work to be done throughout the year is also over.

Despite the small work, the compulsion to go to the headquarters by spending thousands of people is still surprised. The budget has been spent only nine and a half percent on the capital till mid-January budget by sending federal government to Jajarkot. According to the budget, only 21% of the budget spent through the state government and accounting control office, Jajarkot said.

This time, the civil leader Rajendra Vikram Shah said that the development of the slogans of tradition has not been made to change the working style.

In the last month, local governments are in a hurry in how to complete the entire budget. Kaushagupalpalika, Junchandad villagepakka and Khikot village servants have been providing service from the headquarters. Other local level is provided service to their respective families.

According to villagers, the villagers have to serve as a result of lack of security in the dispute of central dispute, Kausha and Barakot.

Equipment distribution of 20 million farmers

Similarly, various agricultural equipment has been distributed to the farmers of Jajarkot Kusha village by Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project. Chief of the project, Tank Prasad Rijal, told that various goods worth Rs.

According to him, Power Tiller Tractor two has been distributed, Khildo Khanna Mason two, Power Sprayer two, Sachin Sprinkler 100, Food Sprayer 40, Ciureter 200, Aari 160, Ledding Strip 60, Scissors 200, Thermometer Two, Jaskar Machine and Tantala 100. He said that the material was distributed to the farmer to facilitate work on the field. (Rasas)


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