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Indian blames for a false charge! Nepali Boy in Danger (Watch Video)


Kathmandu – In the house of Dhaka Mohan Ranabhat of Bhartir Bhandari..The Bhattarai Metropolitan Municipality VDC No. 15 has been very big at this time. This poor family has fallen over. 3 years ago mother gives you happiness, father, we do not always have to live in poverty, our son is 22 years old, Binod Ranabhat is in the custody of Qatar. Binod has been living hell in prison for 30 months in connection with the murder that he did not do. We know the Nepalese problem problem. We go to the country and try to help others. So happened, even Binod Ranabat. A few months after queuing to work in General Clinic, he was imprisoned for an Indian partner when he was taken to the hospital.

Share this parallel video to the family of binod Ranabat. Share Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, EMO where all the shares are shared. In Nepal, India’s family of the deceased, asking Mohan to buy Mohans drinking remnants, remembering his country, mother and family in Nepal, asked for 2 lakh 60 thousand rice rice money. That means that the Nepali money can be returned only if there is 82 million rupees. We all supported Nepalese, Mohan will soon return to Nepal. Let’s help everyone by looking at Aashan’s family. Let us help Binod as his own Kantarnati. To save a innocent Nepali from being punished in the mandate, I request two people to join Shishir Bhandari with two hands. In order to cooperate, we have kept the mobile phone number of binod’s and no account we have on the screen and kept it in touch. To help us through this, I should contact Shishir Bhandari at 9 811006 9, this is no more emo, fiber. If you do not have a phone call, leave the message. Allow you to share the video with all those who can not help financial support. All of them should bring this video in Nepali and Nepali-speaking charm Nepali.


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