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Aajako Rashifal 2076 Asar 8, Today’s Horoscope June 23, Sunday


Aries (Che, Che, Chau, La, Li, Li, Le, Lo, a) Honesty can increase misunderstanding. Smaller households have to spend time at work. Families can not feel comfortable because of their environment. It is not bad at financial matters. Though intellectual and creative capacities are disrupted, today’s thinking will work very little. But satisfaction will be received from the afternoon. Activation will increase in the field of reading and teaching.

The moon will be beneficial on the fourth day in the fourth house (E, U, A, O, B, B, B, B, B). The new business will be adapted to start working or business. Benefits from business business will be benefited. Little family should be put in family problems. There may be fatigue feeling in the body, however, there is no time left for the family, family happiness, service of validity.

Gemini (ka, ku, k, d, y, h, k, h, h) can be a race in social work and will be given opportunity to be honored by religious or social sectors. Good profit from the business sector. The new routes of the income will be found. Family happiness will be found. Necessary assistance will be obtained from parents or guardians. Positive signals will appear in health. The wish will be done according to wish.

Cancer (H, H, H, H, D, D, D, D, D)) Do not have a bad day today, different ingredients can be costly and expensive for keeping today. The economic side is not strong, although some beneficial work will be done. Time will be given to family problems and disagreement. Members of the Nepali Congress will have to work in the work and the problem. It is good to control catering.

Leo (Ma, M, Mu, Me, Mo, Ta, T, T, T, T, T) can not initially get help from friends and family. There will be a lack of refreshment and emotion but on the other hand, the mind will be attracted towards luxury and delight. Expenses can be increased during pregnancy and relaxation. In the beginning, there are two days of increase in the end and the end of ambition will be beneficial if the mind is tired.

Virgo (toe, p, p, pose, trunk, throat, pomegranate) The big hope and ambition will be shorthy to go away. It will be good to abandon the spirit of revenge. The tears of tears and the enterprise should be frustrated. It can be daunting if it is not beneficial from the business done in agricultural business. Small work can come up with a fierce blow. It will be better to avoid unnecessary journeys.

Libra (and, R, R, Ray, Row, T, T, T, T) is good to keep you at risk. There is a possibility of honesty and prestige in social areas, but its own activities can have negative impact. You must struggle to fulfill the promise you have done. The bondmen and brothers can not help in working. Achieving the blessings of a parent can be successful in any work done by the person.

Hard work (then, no, no, no, no, or, y, y)) is hard to do with fate. Even if the self-confidence decreases, the help of friends and colleagues can benefit like thinking. It is not compatible with the help of a partner and a child. It is time to spend in the works or unwanted areas. Work pressure in the field of business and employment can increase.

If you are affiliated with a profession or business, you should not give up on lack of privacy and diligence, otherwise due to a small error, work can worsen. Unexpected area is a sign of money loss. However, taking a blessing or a parent’s blessings can be a vital task today.

If the arrows (these, yo, bh, bh, bh, d, d, d, ore) are unloaded, they will get better profit from the business. Because of fluorescence in temporary life, it will be better to adopt behavior in practice. Will be fortunate in the endeavors, the evening will be a sudden joy, news will be done in charitable work. Health will be intense, increasing fortune, preventing work will be resurrected.

Capricorn (Yes, H, H, J, X, Kh, K, Kho, Ga, Gye) Every day work will be obstructed and delayed. What he says can provide the opposite meaning. Friends or relatives can insult. Social and charity will be blocked. Reputation should be fought for the acquisition. Even in the health sector, it is not good. Yoga is a short journey of short distance.

It is a great day to sort out Aquarius (gu, gay, go, sa, c, su, to, sleep, d). Arguments, arguments, discussion and reading will be activated in the area. The whole day the heart will be fierce. A peaceful and fun environment will be created. Time should be given for home comfort and loving love. It’s time to eat, drink, and evening. The time will be lucky when the day is over.

Though the mind is attracted into the field of knowledge and wisdom, the day may be disturbed by mental worries and sorrow during the day’s beginning (Day, Dum, D, J, J, J, J, J, J Competitive and talk-making can preach against you. The home can be adverse in the health of mother or sister. While working, various issues may come to economic, social, practical, etc.


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