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Now, Nepal Will Need A Visa To Go India [ For Such A Reason]


Kathmandu, April 7

Nepalese embassy in India has said that a visa will require India to visit China from India, China, Macao, Hong Kong and Pakistan. Now, India is going to need a visa for Nepal.

Similarly, issuing a notice before this, Vaishakh Anita issued a notice that Nepali nationals should go to third country and would not necessarily require the ‘Embassy of the Nepali Embassy’ or recommendation letter. It is said that “Nepal, those who enter India from China, Macau, Hong Kong and Pakistan from India, receive information about the visa of India, because information is made to do accordingly.”

The Nepali Embassy in the third country is required by crossing the Indian immigration and the recommendation of the embassy for the citizens of Nepal. The times after the complaints made by the Nepalese Embassy in New Delhi, the complaints made by fierce and unstoppable complaints were given.


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