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Congress Rise these four Agenda …….


The Congress has opposed the Bill of Human Rights Commission, National Security Council Bill, Media Council Bill and Information Technology Bill. Positively taking the announcement to withdraw the Gulli Bill, the Congress has objected to the additional four bill.

According to the provision of penalties for the Press Council bill, ‘threatened the media’. Sher Bahadur Deewala, leader of the main opposition party Sher Bahadur Deewali in the meeting of the three-thirds

‘Poor writing in democracy, bad writing is the same. It would be afraid to write to people by arranging punishment, “said Deuba.” Attack on media is an attack on democracy. There is no democracy in the country in which there is no free press. “He said that the system has sought freedom to speak and write freedom of writing.

Not saying that Uppress will end up writing, “said Deau.” People and readers of the published and broadcast material published in the media will be “judge”. He also told the information technology bill to stop ‘online’. ‘Independence freedom is the most important thing in democracy’, Deewala said, ‘The civil liberty is not spoken / written in the country.’ There is a attack on democracy.

He objected to the Human Rights Commission’s efforts to keep it under the Attorney General. Even if Devu opposed the information and technology bill, the interpretation did wrong. He referred to the ‘Right to Information’ Bill as the Bill of Information Act. Deewala commented on ‘Right to Ask Information’.

Human Rights Commission is free from all over the world. Is it found to be found under the Attorney General? ‘, Deewala said,’ The Human Rights Commission is free and fair. He said that the prime minister sought to take the right to operate the army by the Bill on National Security Council. He has the highest power. There is another attack on democracy by ‘Ku’.

He said that the army should not be divided alone. “The President will do it in the recommendation of the Prime Minister,” said Deuba, “to unbelieving his own defense minister. The security council of the country has not only trusted the army but has defended the Minister of Defense and Home Minister. Do not believe in the Secretary, Chief Secretary and Chief Secretary and the army, “said Deuba.” Why does this state run? ”

He said that the government and the Prime Minister wanted to control completely.


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