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Can’t Remember Anything? [Increase Memory Power By These Remedies ]


With the increase of time, the memory of people is said to be weaker. This is true, but the brain can be kept calm. Occasionally, no person or location names are considered as soon as possible. It should have been so many.

If you want to increase your brain power, you can use the above mentioned method.

1. Wake up in the morning:

You may now understand that the sleep is very important. If you sleep less than five, you can not be mentally cautious. This situation also occurs when you sleep more than 10 hours .However, how you wake up is also important.

2. Try to remember while doing some work
If you have a presentation or a speech, try remembering or running your notes in preparation. By doing so, you remember those things for a long time. Actors also adopt such a way.

3. Exercise:
When exercising, mutual contact between the brain cells is very good and also the formation of a new coconut. When Cardio exercises you take too much oxygen and if you exercise this exercise on an open grounds, you also get vitamin D through it .Therefore, the brain is fresh and cold.

4. Balanced food:
The food you eat will reach 20 percent of the energy of the food directly into the brain. Dopamine chemical removal is considered to be excellent for the brain .This is why the brain depends on the level of working conditions of glucose. If your sugar level is not controlled, your brain can be confined. Also remember that the body of the brain becomes fat from the diet so keep using the fat on the food. Also considered to be very good for nuts, pulses and fish-brain.

5. Search for a new challenge:

You can challenge your brain to keep your mind healthy, learn new things .So learning a new language and learning new art, you can increase your mind ability. If you can not do this, try playing online games with your friends and family members.

6. Learn how to connect with the world:

Tension is considered good for the brain because the brain thinks tremendously in an emergency. However, for a long time, stress affects it. Therefore, it is very important to turn around the world sometimes. It gives the body relief .After all, at the moment, you can use other parts of the brain to work. It’s a part that gives us a dream in the day. It plays a great role in strengthening memory.

7. Read and sleep:

If you read something new before sleeping, then the two cells of your brain add the wire, and when you hear, the contact between these two cells is very strong and what you have read is included in your memory .Therefore, the sleep is the most important link for memory. That’s why before sleeping, watch the movie and avoid watching the horror story. Need to sleep with positive thinking and experience.

8. Listen to music:

Music affects a positive effect. When someone is listening to a song or musical instruments, their whole body is activated. Music will help a lot when memory power is lost most often.

If there is no ray of sun in the house, buy an alarm that is placed in a light system, the best you sleep in the darkness and wake up while it’s lightning. The light of the morning sun if you are in your eyes, prepares it for a good response. .


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