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A 12 dream that predicts death…….


Agency. The magical world of sleeping, where we turn into a strange event and story. The dream is a wonderful and mysterious miracle of human life .In most of the words, some seem to have a strange dream before the close relatives, relatives and loved ones.

The dream has not been able to explain to the whole world about science or not. So dream is a mysterious experience. Ever since dreaming of dreams, this world is not an event of a world in which we can not go, but the scenes of that world come into our dream. A lot of people are gathered, the news of the death of the loved ones comes after a few days after the dream of someone lying down. The dream of death, death and death are the most painful ways. Your dream may have been trying to give you a message.

So things have not started to ignore the dream. Even though the dream has a different perception about the civilization and culture, let us discuss what dreams have taken place. The Ramayana is also mentioned about the dream of death. This content is presented here on the same basis. On one day of the day of Dashratha’s death, Bharat had dreamed of playing a pond in the dossipar dung. Bharat was drinking oil. He had black cloth and surrounded the ladies wearing bare cloth. Dashratha was growing on the red necklace and on the forehead by moving the yard to Yimraj.

The dream of the dream of the death of Walmiki is also mentioned in the event of the death of the future. The sign of black / black color is black, meaningless, unconscious, dangerous, mysterious, dark, death, mourning, despair, hate or hatred. . This color enhances you to look at your unconscious, black color that you are posting to know about yourself. It also shows lack of love, and gives information about lack of support. Also, it also shows clean and blank. There are some possibilities that you have hidden, and it also shows that there are some opportunities to come.

Black Cats: The centuries to black cat is taken as a mystery and a black magnet. Black cats dream of becoming insecure. It is also understood that you are getting scared from any unknown thing. Such dreams also provide information about the bad site.

Snake: Serpent is a sign of meaning. According to different culture, there is a different belief about the serpent. From the fear of fear, wisdom and peace are also meaningful.

Black bird: Black bird is called ‘knowledgeable death’. Where people die, black-colored birds and corks appear.

Toothbrush: Seeing the teeth falling in the dream, it is believed that some people die near. But at the time of the pain of the teeth, such dreams will appear.

Protecting a drowned person: A person who has drowned a dream, has been convinced that the death sentence in the water will be punished for the death penalty.

Child care: In a dream a child is caring for, and if the child reaches a cry, the dream of seeing a person is death or a person dies very close.


Repeat dream: If a dream repeats or the dream of the same nature is frequent, it is said that the dream should not be ignored.

Travel plan: If you are planning to go to a place or dream somewhere, then you are not sure to go to that place immediately. Such dreams are considered to indicate death.

Choping in the dung: Seeing that it is covered in the dung, it should be understood that the pain occurs in the body.

Singing and Singing: The dreaming of singing in the dream is a pleasure, but the dream-seeing person is believed to be killed.
Drinking alone: ​​It seems that death is coming near if it seems to be sitting alone in a dream.

Someone sees oil on the syrup in a dream and walks with a donkey, and he dies immediately.


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