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Why Value of Gold Is Increasing Day By Day ? [That is the reason]


Pratitola has risen five and a half in the three years of the price of gold which started rising from next day on the new budget. This order still seems to be continuing. On Friday, gold has created a new record in Nepal. There have been 64 thousand gold medals on Thursday, a thousand rupees have increased in one day.

The gold price in the international market has reached US $ 14 million. 1 oz is equal to 28 decimal 35 grams. Gold traders say that prices rise in Nepal after increasing the value of gold at international markets.

Nepal gold medal businessman said that at the time gold prices reached 63,200 rupees. Gold prices in Nepal made new records even 8 years ago in the international market. On September 9, 2011, gold prices have been recorded at the International Market on September 20, up to 1856 US Dollars.

Why did not gold record in the international market record eight years ago, and why did all the records be recorded in Nepal? It is natural to be radical. The record recorded yesterday. On this day, Prititola reached 65 thousand on Friday, with gold trade in Rs 64 thousand.

This question was asked Shakya.

The United States Bank’s statistics show that the US $ 74 is 24 paise on September 9, 2011. But today the value of the dollar is above Rs 111. According to them, the depreciation of Nepalese currency with dollar is the main reason for increasing gold prices.

On the other hand, gold prices of imported imports in Nepal have also increased. Shakya said that this budget has increased the customs rate of Rs. 80,000. The rate of depreciation of Nepali currency has increased, and the businessmen who increase the value of gold in international markets also increase Nepal.

There is a committee of experts for determining gold prices in Nepal. Which determines the value of international value, customs with customs and certain advantages to businessmen. The Federation will update the value of the trades daily on the fixed price. The custom fee of Rs. 4,000,000 before the budget has reached 5 lakhs, the budget budget has increased gold prices, and it also affects the value.

Gold prices also make some changes to the international market. America is in the forefront of the country holding the highest gold. Experts have experienced the value of gold when the US increases the dispute of other countries.

Last time the US has increased the conflict with Iran. Iran’s estimate is likely to increase the conflict after the fall of US pressure. Shakya said that the world’s investor has increased inequality.

Similarly, the price of gold has affected the Federal Reserve Bank of America due to not allowing immediate interest. After spending the interest, the savings amount goes on to invest as gold, it should arise on demand. “Shakya said.

America and China are in business war for the past nine months.

Not only with China, US President Donald Trump has warned that Indian taxes are also tax-enhanced. This move by the trump for the purpose of reducing trade deficit has affected the morale of the investor.

They convert the money that the investor’s morale is falling to gold. Increases of acacia demand increases the value. ‘Listen to the safest investment’ Shakya said, “The demand for gold increases when the power of the nation increases.”

“Due to the controversy of powerful countries, the investment has increased due to lack of investment,” he said. Due to increasing the dispute of various countries with the impact of the country, there has been impact on gold prices, Shakya said.

Do not show signs of US-Iran conflict, the economy is expected to increase the value of gold for one week.


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