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Benefits of Hot water , Honey And lemon ……


In order to improve the digestion, eat fresh and lemon flour in hot water. This helps keep the stomach clean and also increase the production of liquor juice. Apart from this, Mahale works as an antibacterial and removes any type of infection in the body. Food and cereals of fatty water in the water supply healing the constipation as well. Disa helps you to make a mistake by encouraging sunlight. This helps in the digestive process. Acid cucumber helps to strengthen the digestive system and excludes unwanted toxic substances.

Due to hot water and honey in the morning, the body becomes energetic throughout the day. The mixture of coconut, hot water and honey acts as a water out of an excellent urine body. This is the best way to clean the urethra. This mixture for women suffering from uti or urethra infection is not shown as a gift. The mixture of hot and hot water increases the body’s intake. When the body gets more energy, the metabolism and functionality of the body increases. The honey insists to organize the body’s body properly.

Apart from this, it encourages Agantyukus. Displays a dry pot. It helps to cover. The main cause of the mouth is also frozen in the tongue, it is also white (part of food and bacteria). Drinking lime, honey and hot water solves the problem of mouth loss. The leak helps kill the aggressive bacteria and purify the mouth. This mixture with cats removes the white part naturally and removes the face of the mouth .Mom has powerful antibacterial properties. It has many ability to remove infection.


So consuming it regularly in the morning, eating daily food also decreases. It also helps to minimize weighing .Mom, consuming a mixture of coconut and tapapu reduces the hunger. It provides fiber, which reduces hunger and sugar labels and provides adequate energy .In addition to this, antiinflammatri properties are also found. Therefore, its intake strengthens the body’s immune system. Drinking hot water with honey and lemon leaves the body of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutritionalities.


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