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Mysterious Snowman’s Steps Were Found In Nepal !!


Kathmandu Mystical Snowman ‘Soi’ has been found in the Makalu Himalayas of Nepal. The Indian Army claimed that the pilot was seen at the base camp of Makalu Himal, and that was so much. The photo has been posted in the department’s Official Twitter Handle. The Indian Army’s Department of Information has seen the footprint of its mountaineering team.

Many such estimates have been on the mountainous mountainous and adventurous tourists since the time of such existence. Many people have been claiming to be seen directly and have not been able to present concrete proof. It has been understood as half-time and half chimpanzee.

According to the Indian Army, pictures were captured on April 9. He said that the footprint of ‘Soi’ is 2.6 feet long. Footstep refers to the distance between two footprint marks on normal mountaineering. The footstep of an adult person is an average of 2.5 feet. The Indian Army has claimed that, so much was seen in the Makalu-Barun National Park.

Scientists have not yet conducted concrete research on this issue. In 2014, a controversial study report was public, which claimed that many Bhutan samples were collected from Bhutan and northern India.


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