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Dengue Is Out of Control; The Main Reason Is Modern Life Style


Kathmandu | Dangu infection has already been found in the Dharan sub-district of Sunsari district in No. 15. Instead of controlling the dengue seen a month ago, it has reached Sunrise and reached the district of Morang and Jhapa. Until now, there have been 475 people in eastern districts of this disease infection.

Metropolitan government has been spending expenditure on the health sector due to lack of budget for health, according to the Metropolitan Municipality, adding that it was seen in 7, 9 and 13 Vada. In detail, the neighboring district of Sunsari and Morang were also seen in Jhapa. So far, only 20 of the Dharan sub-Nahars of Sunsari have seen dengue.

The sub-municipality formed a committee of 5 doctors of the doctors to control dengue. The team has been trying to reach toll toll and to Vada Vada. Submitter steward has been working to control dengue by now a decade.
Manoj Bhandari, deputy manager of Dharan subdivision, said that the local government had been forced to demand support for the state and the federal government, even when the locals failed to control for the sake of control.


According to the superintendent, the people of the community have to pay attention to the attention of water in Khildikildi around the house, if it is to be cleaned every week, there is no medicine against dengue. Even when water does not get enough amount of water, the citizens are still forced to collect water. The control of dengue says that there is no alternative other than finding and destroying the supermarket. The government has asked the citizens to keep the water at the house where the water is kept in the house. Within a few weeks now, the level of government has been planted to control the dengue spread in some districts of Terai.


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