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How To Be Safe From Thieves ? [ Follow These Tips]


The Metropolitan Police Complex Tech said that the police managed to arrest a large number of Pachtaram, while stealing cash, mobile etc. etc. in buses and microbus passengers in different places while publicizing them. The police have succeeded in controlling a large number of Piketar who is killing a pocket in different public transport vehicles. The police recently attacked the gangs of 82 people who had been killed and robbed by using various code language on their way as a passenger.

So, there is no such wonderful and neutral incident that will be arrested by police, arresting and prosecuting the police. Do not work hard to work hardly, even if a small amount of money is handled and arrested in a single attempt, even if the petters are arrested, they are not changed due to penalties punishing the fake legal system. Like playing a mosaic cats, the police now have the fact that it is the fact that the police have to arrest Puttaharam, return to normal punishment and return to the past.

Bogati said that there are more than 10 Pakkamar groups, which are targeted only for small vehicles running in the cycle. Everyone has their own area. A group does not go to the market in the other’s area. Depending on the bus stop, the area separates the area. ‘In this context,’ Even after theft was stolen and found that the pistols were re-activated in the same profession! According to spokesperson DSP Hodendra Bogati in the metropolitan police campus Kathmandu.

Out of which, there is a group from Gongubu to Maharajgunj. From Chhattisgarh to Chhihil, the other is from Chhihil to Airport, to Koteshwar from airport, from Koteshwar to Gwarko, from Gwarko to Aktakuna, from Aktakana to Kalanki, from Kalanki to Vanasthali and separate groups from forest to to Baglab.

After having a pocket in the group, such a delight

The group of pistols is too large. About 10, 15 people. From a group of 3, 4 groups in a different place pocket them. Even if 2, 4 are arrested, members of the outside group immediately rescue them. The pocket will be held on the ground. The victim is arrested in connection with abusive arrest. Police custody is at least 20, 22 days in custody.

According to Spokeswoman Bogati, the current rules are not more than 21 days as per the lawsuit legally. He said, ‘We are nothing to stumble.’ Even if the court apologizes for the money, the friends bring money directly to them. Is your group man There is nothing wrong with that. The court asks for a pledge. Their friends who are immediately outdated by exposing money. And then, after walking together, he walks down.

How can a child be saved from the pocket in the valley 10 tips:

1. First, strict action should be taken to control pesticide and robbery.

2. If you have to bring them back from pocket business, there is a need for employment opportunities, training or some competitive training. Pets can also change their career if so.

3. They are understood that police can not do anything by taking them. Pocketmates should be double punished more than other sentences. 21 days should not be kept in custody only by holding the jail.

4. Public transport in valley valley is very small. There is a situation that needs to be traveled on small roads. Not even CCTV. Travelers will have to move from one place to another.

There is no such problem in big buses. Like shared bus does not have any problem. Is perfectly safe CC is camera. There is a system to turn back and forth. Shared bus driver, co-drivers are also responsible for civilization.

Similar buses like shared bus should also be managed. In small microbes, you need to bring the vehicle’s system of driving capacity before traveling by tracing people. In this case, the criminals are not involved in the pact work.

5. The purpose of making publicly publicly pocketed is not to show a large number of people. If they mean publicly, they make them unimportant in society. This is a lower profession. When you are ashamed, you can reach the way you leave this profession.

6. Some have been stumbling while going to remedy. Someone going abroad. Someone goes to the village. The money that is carrying 50 thousand rupees is looted. The state’s attention is also needed to make the Valley free of charge from such an awful situation.

7. On the bus, the traveler should be alert when someone is suspicious or speaking new words.

8. They simply leave the law because of a sharp law. That’s the same thing. Therefore, there is a need to bring separate laws related to Pakhtunkhwa.

9. When the bus is dumped, the passengers should increase the surveillance of their goods. Please note that no pearls, chains, cats, nor tables are known. So this tips are most important.

10. Even if you are riding a car, only the mountaineering capacity should be arranged. It should be managed by the corresponding traffic office.


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