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The Dispute Between Deuba And The Oli Turns Into Protest In Parliament (images)


Congress MPs have surrounded the lights during the meeting of prime minister Oli. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has surrounded the lights while addressing the meeting of the main opposition party Nepali Congress. Earlier, the Congress demanded that the parliamentary leaders of the Parliament before speaking to Oli.

The Congress met the meeting of Honor Krishna Bahadur Mahara and asked Parliamentarian leader Sher Bahadur Deuba to speak before Prime Minister. While the program of addressing Prime Minister Oli was held in the House of Representatives, on 11th morning, due to the demands of the opposition party, it was delayed.

If the Congress did not allow the time to speak, it was a warning to block the House. After the time of meeting, the time for Congress MPs gave the time to speak to the prime minister, while prostrating the Constituent Assembly, they had rejected the parliamentary decree. Congress Parliamentarians Pushpa Pushpa Bhasal Gautam said that the parliamentary party leaders had informed the court about the current political developments, including Guthi Bill and the demand for speaking in the house.



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