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The Employees Of The Health Are Protesting ……


Regardless of the staff adjustment of the civil servants and the service adjustment in the service for two months, the employee adjustment has not yet been completed for health service.

Adjustment delay has been delayed due to the pressure of government doctors who are in a thousand four hundred and fifty thousand people, who should take them through the union as well as demanding a step-by-step movement. Although the Ministry of Health and Population, the Ministry of Health and Employment, according to the Federal Adjustment and General Administration, under the Ministry of General Administration, the Ministry of Health and Population, the report has not been able to give the letter to the employees.

Kedar Prasad Paneru, chief of the adjustment branch, who was sent by the health staff, was sent to the health ministry. He said, “The complaint has been sent to the Ministry of Health.”

‘The investigation has been sent to the Ministry of Safeware, which has been addressing the investigation. After its hardcore, we start giving the letter of adjustment to the employee, ‘Shrestha said with satisfaction,’ the statement that has been adjusted is kept on the website’s website. We also give a letter. ‘

‘The counts are too repetitive. 7 thousand 40 people have been complained, “Shrestha said. There were 13 thousand cases including adjustment notions, including home-based, and no other homeowners. Health Ministry spokesperson Mahendra Prasad Shrestha said that the details received by the federal have been received.

He said that the demands of the government doctor association (Ghanan) have yet to address. She said that the address of the movement of Goddess has already been addressed. Leopard President Dr. Dipendra Pandey said that the government should submit the deadline by the federal government to the state and local level.

The commission has directed the State Governance and Good Governance Committee to suspend the advertisement for nine hundred and six hundred posts not included in the advertisement. But the commission has not yet taken any decision regarding this. The government had made adjustments in the past. In the Union, state and local level, the government had adjusted one lakh 31 thousand employees.

According to the status of the local level, there is 8/8 thousand employees in 25 thousand, union and territories.


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