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A hundred children die in India: Can lichi be fatal?


Kathmandu. According to health officials, about 100 children died in Bihar’s state due to the potential infection of Lichi with potential infections.
What is the cause of the incident?

AIDS has killed more than 93 people due to brain disease in 15 days in Muzaffarpur city of Bihar. The Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhanth, visited the hospital on Sunday. There is no doubt among the experts about what happened due to the incident. Those deaths are due to the outbreak of Acute Inflation Syndrome (AIS). Some American researchers have said that there may be a connection between a poisonous element found in viruses and lichi.

According to scientists, there are also poisonous elements called hypoglycin A and Methyl Encyclopropyligysis. Most of the children who were admitted to the hospital were found in the blood when examining the blood and the pistas. Most children had not eaten anything in the night and had eaten plenty of lime in the morning. In that case, the element is considered more dangerous.

Some specialists say that eating lichi in an empty stomach causes glucose deficiency in the body due to which the children may suffer from disease. In 2014, 122 children died in Muzaffarpur. Scientists of India and America tried to find out because of these deaths. Their joint research states that it is ill when eating excessive stomach in an empty stomach. The doctors have advised the region’s children to eat limited lichi and to eat balanced food. Eating malnutrition or sick child already has a risk of disease. The Government of India has also issued a list of this.


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