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The Women Are Raped By A Gang In The Forest, Where Is The Society Going?


Kathmandu In recent days, rape cases have risen in recent days .The crime might be less likely to be the biggest punishment for the crime. Two women have been abducted in Ramhechap. A group of drivers including truck driver riding a truck on the women of Tamuccasi village, have been raped.

According to the report, the driver was beaten by about two o’clock in the morning after being raped by the deceased in Dhaka from Dhawan. According to District Police Office, Ramechhap, raped a married woman and raped an unmarried woman in the forest of Dhangagre of Tulung, Tamuung.

According to the District Police Office, Ramechap, the remaining court informed that Vijay Magar of the year 25, who was involved in the rape case, was arrested. According to him, although the incident happened at three o’clock in the afternoon, even the victims told that the traffic police had been targeted only at 7:00 pm. The process has been made to extend the deadline to the arrested accused.

Shortly the traffic police had sent the District Police Office. Police have investigated about how many participants were involved in the incident.


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