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In The 16th Year, Girls Should Get Married, Peoples Are Protesting For It …


The government has made slogan- Bihariwari is twenty years old.

Narrative laws have also been brought about that slogan is not enough. Anyone who has not been married to a boy or a girl does not get married for 20 years. This law is commonly intended to help prevent domestic violence from getting married at the earliest age.

But in the Nepalgunj area, the pilgrims are showing District Administration Office, saying that their daughter-in-law should get their daughter married in 16 years. A few months after the Madhesi community started adopting administration for 16 years to get married.

When Chilly married her husband and married her for 20 years, she said that she would also make a memorandum to Prime Minister Sharma Oli by Prujjej Bhujel, saying that she would be difficult to find the bride for her daughter. Bhujel said ‘Their main demands are to amend the current laws and not take action against them.’

According to Prasjej Bhujel, the law enforcement agencies will not be allowed to obey the law, saying that the law has been sent to the office of the amendment.


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