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Careful; If The Snake Bites You , Then Apply These Seven Remedies Immediately At Home.


Today we are informing you about the way you can quickly get into the snake stirring .Sarp’s poison is considered very many, but it is the type of cataract.

It contains hemotoxic, myotaxic and neurotoxic .Himotoxic attacks blood cells. Symptoms of gastrointestinal symptoms are seen from many places in blood and blood. Mayotaxic: This poisonous snake is found in the ocean because its number in Nepal is in the state of zero. Neurotaxic: It attacks the nervous system.

Serpent to adopt these home remedies: Serple pour the lemon juice in the spaced place. Take blood from the broken spot with the injection extracted needle. Repeat it 5 to 7 times. Dry the wound with cold water .This reduces the risk of the order.

Make the soil bar strip and place it in a broken place. Keep it changing every 10 minutes. Drinking the injured in the milk, let the injured drink. Infection reduces even when cholera sticks on the skin of the lip. Do not let the injured sleep. Stirring the radish leaves decrease the irritation.


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