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Even Though The Student Is Unconscious, The Teacher Is Busy On Using Mobile!


The school is taken as a place to cover the child’s future. Teacher and teacher are also parents of the common father of the student. The students are also responsible for the responsibility of the student till they enter the school. However, in the beautiful district of Morang, a community school of municipalities has seen different views. Teachers were busy on mobile even when students were absconded. All mobile phones seemed busy. Sometimes, when students of the same class were unhealthy, they did not see any concern.

Who is the student who studied in class 6 has become two times unconscious. According to the headmaster, Sunil Kumar Jha said that the same students of the same class were depressed twice. The teacher did not even show interest when the same student was absconded twice. He said that the weaknesses or the weaknesses may have become a student. “It is a matter of respect and reputation of the school, do not give news, we conduct internal action to the schoolgirls in school,” he said. The scandal has started spreading once the same knowledge has begun to become unconscious in the school. Pratapakapha Jha could not tell the name of the student to be absent.


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