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5 Tests Should Done Compulsory For Women Who Have Been 30 Years Old


Kathmandu | According to the age, gibbons are more risky because of the hormone changes in the body’s body. Women are more likely to suffer from males than men, because women are affected by various diseases compared to men. Therefore counselors advise the women who have been 30 years old to make health check-up from time to time. Women get more stressful when changes occur in hormones.

In the past, some women are suffering from diseases such as cancer, bone cancer, thyrid, headache, headache, nausea, thyroid and heart disease. These diseases are due to reduce the life in famine due to control and treatment methods are also expensive after treatment. Trial of these diseases at times can prevent disease from being taken. Therefore, women who exceed 30 years of age must be given these 5 tests. There is also no expensive cost.

Mammogram: The risk of breast cancer is increasing in women for the last time. Even though there are various methods for high cancer and tumor testing, memogram is considered to be cheap method. This method is taken from the blood of the body. After the death of 40 years of age, the risk of breast cancer increases, according to the doctor’s recommendation, the membrane should be compulsory.

Bone  test: According to age, bone problems are also shown. The injury rate also causes a major role in reducing the bones. The body can also be tested about the bones of the body. In order to know about the condition of bone in the body, it is necessary to provide a dental test. The past wrong catering has not seen 20 years of age due to bone problems. Therefore, checking the condition of bone and eating balanced catering.
Papa Smare Test: When checking this, the woman should not feel any pain. This method of cancer detection is available. Breast cancer is a disease due to breast cancer .Paper is removed from female cunt in a certain amount of cells and is sent to the lab for testing. The Pipe Smear is a simple test.

Thyroid Test: The treatment method is also different from the type of thyroid. As unnecessary weights increase the body becomes hormonal imbalance .According to a study, the problem of thyroid in women is more than ten times more visible .According to health experts, the thyroid hormone is essential for human body. But if there is a mess in its quantity, it takes the form of a disease.

HPV virus test: Hpv, a human papillo virus, is a very dangerous virus. It is the most intense virus. In some cases, the symptoms of this virus may not even be known. This usually increases the likelihood of spreading viruses after sexual intercourse.


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