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82 Women And Men Were Arrested In Kathmandu By Police……


Nepal Police has arrested and arrested the police on public transportation. A team organized by plain metallurgy campus in Kathmandu on plain clothes has arrested four women and 78 men who rob pasta and robbery in different places of public transportation in Kathmandu.

According to the news conference, the passengers traveling on the buses and microbates traveling in Kathmandu and the camps, cash, mobile and garbage stolen in Jhola, were present today.

Chief of the premises and Chief of Police, Superintendent of Police Superintendent Superintendent Superintendent, has set up a group of two people on different buses to open the bus by searching for a passenger trafficker and stealing cash and jewelery. He said “Investigation in signaling in pocket cases has been opened in research.” Earlier, police had arrested more than 100 sacred Pakkadari from various parts of Kathmandu.

Police recovered 21 mobile phones, two-laptop laptops from Pakkadari. The police have taken possession of the property related to recovering more than one lakh rupees from various people. Police will be booked for the first time for a month to be punished and punctuated for the second time as well as for the second time, a two-year prisoner will be imprisoned, biobobomousim or arranged arrangement for the second time. Police have the right to do that


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