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Why did Kabita Jump on Narayani River Within 3 Months of Marriage? [Excluding Reason]


Kathmandu | Poor Sapkota, 21, who has been missing in Narayani river, surrendered from the bridges of Narayanghat after returning from brother-in-law, got frightened on Friday evening. His Mitti is Kharakti, Mahindranagar Municipality-18 of Kanchanpur. Poetry of poem was held at Rapti Municipality -6, Birendranagar, Chitwan on February 5 with Pawan Sapkota.

She was going to school in Birendranagar, Chitwan, in the village of Devchuli Municipality-3 of the eastern Nawalparasi with her brother Hari Basal. The brother-in-law said that the car was jam in the bridge. Akcasi Orler Hum Hamin. Due to what we did not understand, we could not understand it. “When the vehicle was jammed, at the time of five-five o’clock, he was fired,” said the brother-in-law, “did not even talk about any disappointment. Now I was going to go through the house and read it, I did not talk anything else. ‘

He was studying class 10 in Saniraj Public High School of Mahindranagar last year, while sitting in the moteli house swimming pool last year, he started studying the class 11 and examining the examination. According to his husband, Pawan Sapkota, he walked in a tent to a mantled house. “When she arrived at mama home, I called him from that day and talked briefly,” said his husband Sapkota, “then there was no conversation on the phone.” He has not mentioned himself as Facebook and Mrs Kishore’s Facebook ID did not know himself.

Speaking about class 12, Sapkota said that she was having a good relationship with Shree, who was training cook with her thinking. “Well, I could not understand anything, because she said that she did not go because of the reason why she had gone home, she added, ‘Our relatives are married to her mother and mother for help due to her mother’s marriage.’

She told that she had not got the picture of her wife and she used to speak less on the phone. The Sapkota family had built Chitwan from Myddi. Police officer, Gudadkot, Police Assistant Niw Inspector (SA) Yagna Poudyal, has been absconded by the police office office of Sapkota, who was unable to find the poem. ‘Our area is searched for, both sides of the family are also stopped in the search while searching. Now both sides have come and they are going to make a letter to Triveni, “said Sai Poudal.

According to the district police office, Eastern Nawalparasi said that due to marriage, Mahindranagar did not leave the poem without appearing for three months due to marriage. It is said that the family, who is not home to her home, has come to some media


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