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Again The Earthquake Felt , Nepal Still Remains At Earthquake Risk [Stay Alert ]


Kathmandu In Nepal, there has been a panic of earthquake around all. Nepal is an earthquake threatening country. Police should take control of the astrologers Arjun Sushiki, who said that a powerful earthquake inside the month of Jeth in Nepal.

The police had taken control of the area due to the disruption of the society and spreading terror. But now astrologers are released. He had said that there was a possibility of a panic attack in the West. But this is just a definitive estimate.

The earthquake pushes in Nepal on the other hand this year has been done in the month of Jeth. The pilgrimage of 5 Magnitut had gone through a threading center on June 3rd. By the Lamjung Center on January 9, the power of 4.1 magnitude was realized. It was felt twice on December 6.

The first Ramhecht center was the 4.9 magnitude and second-time center, felt the push of 4.3 magnitutes of earthquake. The number of earthquake is not stopped. It was felt that Mughu was centered at the center of 4.6 magnitude.

Against January 4, there was a quake of the 4th magnitude of Baijang center. At 9: 32 minutes a day, a push of 4.5 magnitutes of earthquake in Jajarkot has been felt in western Nepal. In this way, the Western region can be estimated at high risk of earthquake.

According to the information given by the experts, there is no fear of powerful earthquake in Nepal. It is appealing to be aware of any time at any time.

According to the National Jumpup Measurement Center, which is the center of the earthquake near the entrance of Jajarkot. Its push reached the area including district headquarters Khangga, and the local house had come out during the quake time.


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