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This Fruit Takes 47 Lives of Child Within Three Week [Share for Awareness]


Kathmandu| Lichchi took 47 lives in 47 children due to excessive leachy consumption in Muzaffarpur in Bihar of India, 47 children died in three Satata. According to health officials, the quantity of sugar was reduced to the blood of the children. They say that chemicals in lichi play role in lower blood sugar.

Parents of sick children had told children not to eat the dinner because they were eating trees on the tree and eating plenty of lime. According to international experts, there are such bad chemicals in Lichi.

The one who lives in collage while eating lime. When the temperature increases, the chemical goes out of the cavity, “said Vijay’s health officer, Sanjay Kumar. Therefore, experts say Lyichi is not eating food in empty stomach. In these two hospitals of Muzaffarpur, 178 patients were admitted from January last year.


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