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Painesh Gautam Is Arrested By Police For Making a Video of Critical Critics of The Film


Kathmandu Police have arrested Uttar Pradesh Painesh Gautam. He criticized critically in the style of ‘Veer Vikram-2’ in Nepali movie. Filing on behalf of the film producer was filed in that same charge. Police arrested them in connection with their complaint.

He has been accused of cyber crimes against him. But after four-year criticism of the arrest of the movie, the complaint director Milan Chams himself said that the initiative will be initiated by the press conference. At that time, he had left on the spotlight on Thursday.

He was arrested again on 6pm in Metropolitan Police Crime Superintendent, on Friday. The Office of the Public Prosecutor only filed a case only at 12 o’clock. The police have taken custody after the issue could not be discussed.

The father of the Painesh, who was kept in custody, said that the case could not be left behind in the registration process after registration. After arresting the youth, young women have come to a peaceful demonstration against the state. The law has also been called the state to make the citizens speak the right to speak.


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