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Monthly Horoscope: 2076 Ashad on Thursday [ This Peoples Are lucky This Month]


According to Sunday, No. 201 9 June, Figure constellation, Moon of Libra, Various Yoga, Commercial and Visible (Bhadra), Today’s festival and celebration: Nirjala Ekadashi fast, Tulsi’s day to day, Today: Chhattisgarh, Chodkar (Chhavarak), Kalashachra, tomorrow Festival and Festival: Venus Prashosh Vish, Tomorrow’s Day: Rudrakashik (Rudrippuja), Agnavas (Humadhi), Alphabets, Home Entrepreneurs, Gunnchollo (Monochrome), Massage or Investment, D Ra move, kalasacakra,

Good time: –
Rahu period: From 01:47 until 03:31, Yamghat: From 05:10 until 06:54, Gulikal period: From 08:37 to 10:21 in the morning, Call Warwala: From 03:31 to 05:14 Disease Warfare: From 06:54 to 08:37 in the morning

The appropriate time to start a good work: –
Good Warwala: By evening from 05:14 to 08:14, Benefits Warwela: From 12:04 until 01:47, tomorrow is looking for a suitable way to travel, if men and women lead south and west in the leadership of the East and East (South) direction of travel is auspicious. But if you need to go on a compulsory journey, the ampliparrow is also expected to be auspicious if you travel to any direction by eating straw or barley. The timeframe is over, the time I used is Nepal’s national time-time. According to the place, the time will also be different in the date, nudity and the nominations.

Aries (Chu, Che, Chu, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo, A) –
Love and marriage will be happy. The thoughtless things will be easy to do. Increasing the strength and the body will be fast. If you have a plan to work in Partnership or Partnership, then it’s friendly today. The cosmetics can be bought. Time can be taken for adultery and clarification. The family will have an atmosphere of joy. Fun and fun can be time and money. Good return from business and business will be received. There is a time to increase emotionally, the loyalty of the lover will increase. Affinity will increase between relatives.

Brush (e, o, a, o, b, b, b, b, b))
Today mother or mother’s blessings can work. While working, various achievements will be achieved economically, social, practical. Even after watching frenzy and little work, today’s work will gain long-term achievement. Any dispute, dispute or argument will be forced to make decisions. Your special place will be appreciated. Logic, debate and debate will win. Collaborators will support. It is good to be oriented rather than distracted at any point. Demand will be achieved on industries, shops and shops.

Gemini (Ka, ku, k, d, yang, ki, ka, ko, h) –
Time is moderate. Any new news increases the frustration, creating a new work environment. For the students, there will be a positive day for a little bit today, but your ability will be decreasing. There is a possibility of spending some money in connection with the physical convenience of the child. Explosion in intellectual capacity will lead to creative success. Anxiety may increase due to psychiatric or any tediousness can cause heart failure, be aware of it. Today’s thoughts and remedies will promote vigilance and despair, so it is better to not overtake it.

Cancer (He, Hoo, Hey, Ho, Da, Di, Du, Day, Do) –
There will be different types of feelings in mind. Do not let the mind go into sin. Conversation may result in oppression of the opponent. The rent will increase in the expenditure. The body will feel altered and lazy. Investing money is not good. It is not good to put hands on the ambitious plan. Investment can not be in the field where there is no return. Work should face difficulty and challenge. The misunderstanding will increase in family members. Tension will be created due to the past mistakes and weaknesses in the past. There is no benefit from agriculture-based and closure. Because of confidentiality, the work will be disturbed.

Leo (Ma, M, Mu, Me, Mo, Ta, T, Tu, T) –
It is time to make credibility in society. The time to spend time and money in religious, social work or charity has come. Gift prize etc. If there is a thought of doing new work in the closure sector, it has been a good time for them. There is also a possibility of happiness from the brothers and sisters. Honesty and social dignity will increase. The good activities in the past will be remembered. Philosophical and spiritual subjects will be attracted. Practical and social responsibility will be added. Benefits from closure will be beneficial.

Virgo (Tod, P, P, Pu, Fish, Awan, Pok, Po) –
Financial view is a good day. Today your day will be appreciated in the business and business sector. The attraction of the opposite of your opponent and behavior will increase. Metallic businesses such as golden silver will be profitable. The physical property may have a lot. The help of sister-in-law will be found. If the economic sector remains in place, positive indication in health will also appear. Good profit can be taken from closure. The work will be successful. It may be a fun journey. The opportunity to engage in physical means and recreation activities will increase. Work can be used for bidding.

Libra (R, R, R, R, R, T, T, T, T) –
Friends and colleagues will help you. Your ambitions and desires will be fulfilled. Any beneficial item will be traded and traded. A Long Distance Benefit Travel


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