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The Main Road of Pokhara Started Saideing , Locals Are Afraid of It ……


Kathmandu| Talking about landing  ln Kaski Pokhara Nepal is not so new. Due to the water below the ground, geography has been said that there is such a problem  in many areas of Pokhara.

Similarly, the main area of ​​Pokhara, when the road near Bipi Chowk located in Chipeldhunga, after the sowing started, there has been a panic. There was a wing on the road in the middle of the street on Saturday morning.

Seeing half a half-hole on the road, even if the Jesbebi is brought to the bottom, it is possible that the inside could be more fed. Prepared to look at her condition.

The road has been operated from the side of the road. This rain was rainy in the region on Friday. Two years ago, the land was divided into the Gapapaton near Chipeldhunga.

Last year, the car was half of the pit in the zero kilometer. Neuro has also played a role in the region. Pokreli is worried about the land that is now going to be kulela.


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