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Children Is Raped By Her Own Uncle……


Kathmandu A few days ago, an incident came out of a person who raped her daughter. Another such incident has come out. It is said that the cats are after the cats. Because in itself it is linked to the father-in-law’s relationship, but the incident has been carried out by three unclean rape rape. The cadre has been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl who was under the protection of the school. 32-year-old Kishore Khatri KC has been in progress.

She has revealed that she was raped by the Chantal Madi Academy Academy from Goddess Municipal-3 on time to raping her girl from time to time. He had been raped by eating food and eating food including the girl at the U Himalayan Restaurant and guest house, on Saturday, on Saturday.

After taking adolescence to the girl forever, Sandeep Nepali, the principal of the school, doubled after leaving him and found a hotel located in Godavari. After the school founder, the teacher of the school, asked the girl for the fungi after revealing that she was raped by the girl and she was raped by the girl.

After that, the promoter has complained after the police filed a complaint against the teenagers. Earlier, Kishore’s nephew has also been raped. Kishore has also accredited the police after processing the process. Police has further investigated the incident with the incident.


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