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Such a Phenomenon In a School of Gulmi, After Listening The Cause The World Is Shocked

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Kathmandu Usually roll roll numbers are stored in order in the school. Students should also be appointed to give proof of their school. The student’s name is kept in numeric. As a result, the teacher is believed to be comfortable to everyone.

But Gulmi’s school has not been a rolling number for about five decades. The district headquarters has now 44 years of roll no number 13 in Mahendra Higher Secondary School, 9th grade district. The school has not mentioned roll no.1 to students who study class 9. Teachers did not listen to students, but at the same time. Student and teacher are in the habit of not rolling the roll. The teachers and students of the school have been kept far from this number. Thus, since 2032, it has to be far away. The school has not yet been able to write the roll number 13 for Class 9 student.

Roll No. 13 is not written It’s an interesting topic. But why it is not more important than that. Teachers and guardians are far away from this point. No guardian and students have also requested the school for 13 rolls. This school will start 14 acres in grade 9 after 12 roll numbers.

According to the children having 13 rolls, who were admitted to the school and studied in Class 9, died in various times due to different times, the school has stopped writing the role number 13.

Padma Prasad Panthi, former principal school of the school, said that after the death of students of roll number 13, he had left writing the role number 13 on his own. He informed that at the same time, with the help of the teachers working in the school, he stopped writing the roll number 13 in the school.

According to him, the band, who studied in Class 9 of the school, died at 1325 in the year of 2025. Similarly, 2030 of Krishna Prasad Shrestha and Krishna Prasad Pandash of 2032 died on March 6 in the school.

Lastly, the school principal, Kayser Bahadur Thapa, remembers the cause of the maturity of students having a roll number 13 in the school. He has been studying in this school and is now the principal.

Thapa stirred at the school at the time of studying at Class 10 and 13 students were absent. Lastly, a student of 13 students who studied class 9 went to life. Then, as a ritual, the school left rolling number 13 to write.






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