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3 People Die In Dang With Such Horrific Accident !!


Kathmandu Three people have been killed while working in the industry. In Dang, three laborers have been killed while the slope collapsed during the construction of new plant of the cement industry. The work of the Indian laborers has been killed after the slopes over 6 floors during the new plant construction of the emperor cement industry at Lamahi Municipal Vadi No. 7.

According to police, police officer of Lamda, Arun Kumar Singh informed that three workers were injured in the incident. In the event of death, India is 45 years old Mangal, resident of Jharkhand, 22, and Dayal Heren, 22, and Saheeh, 46. Ajay Heren, Deepen Bodolie, Naren Bodlie are injured in the incident.

Among them, Ajay Heren and Naren Bodo have been brought to Butwal for further treatment. The injured were initially treated at the Lamorens Hospital Lamahi. The incident has been reported at 2:00 pm. Police have been investigating the incident about the incident.


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