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Beware: Six People In The Same Family Died Because of Mushroom !


Kathmandu Now the wild beans are found in the forest. There are plenty of foods in the middle, and some foods are also not available. Six persons have died in four families of one family while eating tea in Palpa. Three people died in the past due to death of Palpa in 11 of Palpa, who had been seriously injured in the morning Friday.

In the death of the deceased, full-time full-time Bhagsingh Khamcha Magar, 48, resident of Sarki hill, Nissi village-3 of Palpa, Nisha Singh Thakuri, 12, and Suman Singh, 6, are Thakuri. Nisha and Suman are the father’s father and the children of Bigabbas. Two days ago, Nirutha Singh, 14, passed away in the same hospital for treatment while Niramala Singh Chakuri, 8, and 4-year-old Vishnu Kumari Singh died in Chitwan Medical College.

Among the deceased 6, Nisha, Nirutha, Nirmala and Vishnu are the sister sisters of the same family. There were 11 patients eating poisonous sauce. Nine people who were ill were brought to Kathmandu for further treatment after treatment at the medieval hospital at Kawasoti.

If one of them is healed and returned home, the remaining four are undergoing treatment in Kathmandu. It is necessary to eat or not to eat or not before eating the sauna at this time.


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