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Biplov Maoist Captures Khotang Louridanda


Kathmandu The CPI (Maoist) workers led by government-owned Neptakram Chand ‘Vipav’ have captured the robbers and robbed the Government team who measured the height of Sagarmatha.

The Khatwas activists have captured binoculars (robbers) captured by the government officials who came to Larkandanda in 12 points (points) chosen to measure the height of the Sagarmatha. Police found the security personnel from Khantang and Solukhumbu in the area after receiving the news of the robbery robbed by the government officials who arrived at Leddingham on September 8.

Also, the apples planted by the local wins Singh Bohara of Gaaga, VDC, VDC-1, are being kept home at home. Due to lack of market to sell the apples of Bohara, started beginning in the year 2060, the apocalyptic has been planted in the house.

In the purple, it is well done by not wearing apple market. The apple produced here is cloak in the house where there is no market near and there is no way to reach the market from the market. There is no road to Nepal. The Indian market is also spent on more shipping.

The Indian Army, SSB only bought apples. This year, 20 quintal apples have sold Indian security personnel by about 30 quintals more apple flour. The rest of the 10 quintal apples are housed in a house. “There is no market, there is no way to buy another market,” he said. He said that despite the best soil and water for apple production, even if the crop is good, the market has suffered losses.

“China’s contractors buy apples for Indian security personnel. In the apple village, sales have been sold at up to 80 rupees. The remaining 10 quintal apples had a loss of 10 million rupees, “said Bohra. Bohara, who started apravakti by taking 250 boats from Himalachal Pradesh, India in 2060, has now planted more than one thousand more apple plants. At least five ropeans have been abrasive. From morning till evening, he has taken care of the abyss.

Bohra, who has been involved in personal investment, has not even received assistance from anyone till now. He said that he had bought all the items from the sewage to the pipe. Every year, the new-born apple plant called Bogo did not support government grants.

Although the prospect of professional apavakti was good in the distance, which is far from the headquarters, another local Sudha Bohra said that the problem of geographical problems is problematic. “We have invested, but there is a problem of return for return. Our apple got market if the road was constructed only for Nepal “, Sudha said,” How to bring our apples to the market where to use India’s way to walk? ”

In this area Apinampa preservation, apple zone program and inevitably have been introduced inevitable. However, in the absence of market, farmers here are worried about selling apples. He said that the storage center is essential for storage of apples. The inhabitants of this country use Indian roads to go abroad from the headquarters. Local level products produced by the Indian level are not the case for the Nepali market. Boohra says, “Every year the apple produced by the year is not necessarily a good tool to store it.”

When the government does not pay attention to the construction of Nepal’s path to diameter, the farmer who is well-categorized in biological apples produced in diameter is sad. There is still no change in the dream of dreaming of Darchula-Tanker road and the widespread production of diamonds in Kathmandu will be brought to Kathmandu.

“Our product produced a market well if the government did not have roads in this area,” he said. Here are all types of fruits. China is a problem to withdraw. Even in India, the road is going to open the road. On one side, income reaches the road.


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