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Today’s Horoscope / 2076 Friday ……


Today, due to this rare Yoga, these zodiacs were made Malalal: Horoscope / 2076 B.C., 2076 years ago. Friday. Christian Sun 201 9 14 Nepal Sr. 113 Peripheral conjunction Uttarayana. Summer season Shreeja, 1941. Jeddish Shukla Pax. Date Dushanbe, 27 watches 02, Daiyo 03 th and 58 minutes later. Constellation Swati, 15 watches rose 16, morning 11 to 16 minutes later.

Yoga Shiva, 48 watches rose 47, and 12 minutes later, 40 minutes. Karan Balo, Kaushav from 03 to 58 minutes later, 03:00 am and 33 minutes later. Anandadima Gad Yog. Chandrasauri Libra, 4th century from 04 minutes to 1500 BC. Prashosh fast. Blood donor day Sunrise 05 in Kathmandu for 10 minutes, Sunshine 06:00 PM 5 min. Daylight 34 took 33 seconds.

Mish (chu, che, chu, la, lia, lu, le, lo, a) can be a problem in health, even if there is an opportunity to go to the new chamber and get anxious food. Love may be a compulsion for separating from love and making love. Consider using the material material, can not be considered unpleasant. Although the public can be done in politics and social service, the time for which to be measured. It would be better to take some time to engage in business business.

Aishish (e, oh, o, o, wa, v, wu, ve, he) have the time to move together with intestines and guts. Putting the edge of the participants on any counterpart, your name will come in the front place. If business business is going to flourish, there is a rise in increase of income. The issues that have not been decided for a long time will be decided on your behalf. With the help of relatives and colleagues, new work can be started. May love be honored in love.

Gemini (K, K, D, Y, K, K, H) will increase the business, but interest in charitable social work will increase. If there is a sum of accidental physical property and income generation, the barrier barriers will be automatically removed. The exchange market and replacement business will be made to make a plea. In the intellectual work, participants will get opportunity to participate in their pace, if the students and students will get the opportunity to move forward.

Cancer (People, Hum, Hey, Ho, Da, D, Du, Day, Do) will get critical support for the people in politics and social service. Only one can benefit from the business of home land and vehicle horse. Agriculture and livestock management will go to the festivals. Due to the length of friends, the accounting will be weak. The wrong associates of the companions will develop a negative thinking if the rules will be active to counterproductive work.

If you are able to increase income by investing in business, business and industry, then you can travel short distance in the area of ​​business. The heart will be energetic when you get more help from brother-in-law and neighbor. Your decisions from court will come in your favor. Because flour and ultraviolet increases, the zeal will come to work. Day will give support for those who love to love in love.

Virgo (tok, pa, p, pu, fund, money, pay, po) will have a good relationship with the relatives and the spiritual friends in the society. Successful success can be achieved as long as possible in the study, but the intuitive tasks will succeed successfully. Even though experiencing uncomfortable situations, meaningful results can be removed, which will be grateful. Family compositions can be arranged by new friends and gourmet foods.

The heart will be delightful because the lulla (ra, rai, rai, rai, rai, te, te, tu, te) match the friends who have not met for a long time. Due to the slowdown of trade, the economic situation will be strengthened. Because of the support and support of everyone in the political system, there is a fasting sum of achievement. If you are interested in studying accounting, the result will be done on your own side. Love is near to love, and there is a combination of help with life.

BISHCHIC (So, no, ni, noo, nay, or, yi, u) will be a long journey. If there will be adequate exports from the business business related to the foreign sector, then the maximum time spent will be to earn profit on domestic production. Health problems will be persecuted if there will be increased inflammation and alarms in the body. If there is a difference between the relatives and adversaries, the principle will be created, and honor will be respected and prestigious.

Sagittarius (These, Yo, Yo, Bh, Bho, Dh, Dh, Dha, Dha) will be a delightful business business, but small effort will be a great deal of time and a lot of effort will be a great deal of work. Along with cooperation, the jaltana work will be edited as well. Because the brothers and sisters of all brothers are together, the mind will be happy. In the ceremony ceremony will be enjoyed with delicious food.

Capricorn (Bho, Ja, Ji, Ju, J, Joe, B, Dha, Khoo, Kho, Kho, Ga, Gee) will be made by raising money on the merchandise. The economic sector will be wonderful because of the earnings done by any of the initiatives done today. There is a great possibility of getting new jobs and transferring to a convenient location in the municipality. People who have the support of the people in politics and social service, have a fasting yoga of the post.

Aquarius (Aquarius, Gu, Go, Sa, C, Sue, S, S, D) will increase if the responsibility of the post increases. Honorable honor, respect, reputation will grow up with high-positioned obligation. Your integrity in the administrative area will be maintained. There is a great possibility of a long distance religious and educational journey.


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