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The New Rule Came For The Teacher’s About Transfer And Promotion


Kathmandu A draft draft of the Education Act has been prepared by local level related to the consensus of the Sarva Vidyalaya Administrative Committee of the teachers working in public schools.

Before this, the Bill of Parliament passed by the local government in the new draft of the law by removing the right to the local government’s education officials concerned regarding the consent of the management committee in the draft draft draft. According to the Ministry’s sources, the constitution has made the provision of the constitution to the school education system under the authority of the local government.

Education Minister Girirajmani Pokharel, who passed the law from the ongoing budget convention, has said. According to this, education has been sent to the Law Ministry for a consultation after receiving the advice from the Ministry prepared by the Ministry of Finance.

The proposed draft of the law has been proposed in the draft draft of the draft law of the Sarvava School Management Committee and the local level of the concerned local level. Details of such information will be updated and sent to the State Education Department.

The State Education Department will be in agreement with concerned school management committee and local level while transferring the teacher to one district from one district within one state. While the start of this, the National Education Department will be able to move across the country for the consent of the concerned local level and the prior approval of the ministry.

It is proposed that such a teacher should not be transferred to the permanent service period for a period of five years or for a mandatory leave for a year or not completed at least two academic years for a year. If there is no need for any teacher to be refreshed, there is a draft in the provision that does not obstruct the local level agreement.

The draft is not mentioned that the school management committee should not be constituted while the women and disabled teachers usually do not return to the disabled area and transfer the vacancies of a school to a school.

Increase in promotion has been revolt in the arrangement based on the aggressive functionality and performance based on the basis of performance and its load in the first draft. Five digits kept under experience of geographical area have been made thirty and fifty points to be used for teaching experience.

Five digits for training, twenty digits for student learning achievement, five digits for work research, ten points for work editing assessment and thirty-digit number of competency tests are kept in place. The competence test teacher mentions the draft draft in accordance with the Service Commission.

Earlier, the number of seats received in each category was divided into the draft draft draft. According to this, the proposal for five, four and three, respectively for the first, second and third category of training for at least one month for five to five percent of the training, was done by the number of five points per year.

For the last five years of student achievement, the number of four digits per year for the last five years was divided by a total number of five digits each and every five years, according to a number of rupees, and five digits of work-related research per year.

Similarly, a total number of ten points was given by the principal and the number of superintendents given by ten principal tenants, such as the performance of tenant points, and the total number of five digits for geographical area is 1.0, for one year, 0.75 points for one year for a year. There was a proposal for 0.25 points for one year and 0.5 points for a year and d area for one year. .

This time, only the sum number is mentioned. The teacher’s promotion is a proposal based on the internal competition and functionality based on the performance and performance. In the draft of the second or first grade post of the teacher of all types or level, it is mentioned in the draft law for the promotion of internal competition examination forty percent and sixty percent posts for work based on work efficiency and performance. Has been honored by Adukh.


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