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Due To Unexpected Heavy Rain Fall 16 People Died , 40 Million People Were Traped


Millions of people who have been trapped have said. Rainfall has caused damage to 1350 houses as well as the basil of thousands of hectares of land.

It is estimated that the water supply for a few days will continue. After flooding in nine cities, only 1.5 million people have been moved in Jiangsu province. According to the information given by the international media, electricity supply in more than 20,000 houses in the southwestern Gwangsi province has closed.

According to weather forecast bodies officials, rain will be spread in Guangdong, Sichuan and Taiwan till Thursday. Officers have urged to be aware of the potential dams due to rainfall. Due to the rainy rainfall in the past, there are parables of ladies in southern China.

According to government media, 40 lakh people have been affected due to rain, and badly damaged roads and bridges. A city in Gujozo has been immersed in two meters of water. According to Chinese authorities on weather forecast, the highest rainfall in the southern province of Jiangsu and Hunan has become the highest. Agency


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