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Minister Lalabu Pandit Give Such Reaction About Recruitment of The Employee


Kathmandu Federal Affairs and General Administration Lalabu Pandit said that a million people are preparing for public service in one year, saying that it is impossible to enter the contract at the local level. Minister Pandit said that the advertisement of Lok Sabha Commission is not necessarily to be halted or dismissed because the value recognition of the constitutional, public service commission and the local level organizational structure.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the Public Service Commission and the decision taken by the Public Service Commission and the decision made by the State Committee, on Tuesday, Minister Pandit said, “The bill of federal civil law is in discussion with the parliamentary state system as it is in the process of publishing advertisements according to the old law. Included Cai has been based on the ad.

“He has sent a letter to the Ministry to meet 163 employees by 603 local level, according to the legal provision of the recruitment of the employees of the Federal Public Service Commission in the absence of the state government service. He said that the employees would not be able to open the advertisement for the remaining employees, he added.

According to the recommendation, the commission has advertised 515 161 employees for the local level as per the recommendation from the local level. Speaking of dissatisfaction over the instructions given by the State Committee for the agreement to make a clear agreement in the vacancy, Minister Pandit said, “It is impossible for the people to expect the public service from the relatives and the Chief Administrative Officer to expect them to enter the agreement.”

Senior administration analyst Prada Bhimav Bhatt said that the study committee has publicly declined its perception and it is working to reduce its own dignity. Speaking to the public office of the Lok Sabha, Nravula said that the commission was an important body to establish the rule of law. It was sad to say that the autonomous body of hope and hope of everyone is sad.

Similarly, Bhim Upadhyay, former secretary of the Nepal government, said that the decision of the State system on the trust in the public service by the qualified manpower has been a storm. Speaking about the number of women in the preparation of public service, he now showed the confidence that women enter the large number of people’s governance system.


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