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If We Don’t Known To Eat These Fruits , It Is Not Less Than a Poison To a Child! (Share)


Kathmandu| Generally people like Lichi. But whatsoever does eat more than the requirement affects. Even here, the deadline can be known. More than 100 children died in India due to unknown diseases for the past two decades. The children playing throughout the day accidentally used to deceive them by night.

The demise of healthy children was also averted by doctors as well. It was not known that the child died. However, a search has detected the cause of the child’s death. Research team comprising American and Indian doctors has considered Lichi due to the death of their children.

The research report reveals that the litches of children in the lower stomach caused due to their death. Especially from the month of July to July, the children died. During the night of Ramadan, the children of Bihar Muzaffarpur area will have to become unconscious and there is still no end of death.

However, after the research conducted in 2014, the death incident has decreased. According to research, they had caused children to eat due to lunch in the stomach. Hypoglycin was the main factor in the toxic element found in lichi. Hypoglycin toxic fluid found in lichi prevents the ability to produce glucose in the body.

Due to the absence of the children of the poor area, they did not eat the lunch of the night, due to low blood glucose of blood sugar, due to the lack of glucose, it was still a problem. Share this news well so that no one should lose his children in Nepal.



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