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Journalist’s Investigation Team: It Seems Journalist Has Mistake To Make Mayor Behave Badly


kathmandu| Daredikal Choudhary, Mayor of the Itari suburban municipality of Sunsari, was in a discussion. Her weekly debate between her and journalist Virat Anupam Gautam remained in the discussion. Nepal Journalist Federation sent missionary team to investigate this issue. The journalist has said that the team has called the mayor and stimulates the mistake. Mughh’s mission also pointed out the weakness of Mayor Chaudhary.

Journalist Gautam, journalist of Itahar, said that the personal expression of various expressions of Facebook will be honored by the Federation of Journalists. Journalist Federation of Nepalese Federation (NC) committee formed a mission team in connection with the incident related to journalists in Itari and Dhanan.

The team has submitted a report on Tuesday. The third number of the Mission team’s conclusion has been said, “Journalist Virat Anupam, headed by the Chief of the Staff, Darkikal Choudhary, headed by the film on Facebook, was found excited by calling the comment. In addition, the personal expression and perception that journalist Virat Anupam repeatedly gave to social networked Facebook was found to have been found in many cases that the number of journalists and social people got hurt in the honesty and reputation.

The suggestion of the Mission states that, ‘While reporting the journalist and interviewing, the person should not be rude, unimportant, and prejudice questioning the person. Journalists and Social Networks should be aware of their views and opinions in social networks. In the various times in different times, journalists do not comply with the Code of Conduct and Professional Dignity, saying that the journalists should be making complaint hearing branch in district branch. Also provided.


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