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Kathmandu |People choose to be a leader, MP for the development of their area. After this, it was not necessary to say that politicians do not develop their territory in Parliament and talk about the public.

But if the news comes out if the Parliament is watching the movie watching the porn movie, what happens? Many listening to this news should be hard to believe. However, a MP of Congress has been looking forward to watching porn movies.

In Congress assembly meeting of Odisha in India, Congress MLA Nba Das Porn is watching the film watching. According to the Indian media, Congress MLA Das was watching porn movies on his smartphone while questioning the members of Parliament in question.

In the second time from the Jharsuguda area, an elected slave in the MP claimed that he had seen the video to play unaware, but did not know it. He claimed that this incident was a conspiracy against him.

After the expulsion of such anxiety, the ruling party BJP has demanded action against him. Senior leader of the BJP and the women’s frontier, Prilimala Malik said that it was a very embarrassing step and demanded immediate action against the Speaker.

Similarly, the Congress should also investigate the incident. Congress general secretary Sulochan Das has said, “It is very ridiculous to be a phenomena. It should be investigated if our MP is found guilty, should proceed against him.” On Tuesday, Parliament Speaker Niranjaj Pujari has suspended Das for seven days.


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