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While having sex with own domestic worker, strange thing happened..


A wonderful event has become public. People who know about this event are surprised. What has happened, a businessman in his hotel is having sex with his domestic workers in the hotel. But at the same time, the business of this business trader is open, that too strange innings. This news is written in the Dut UK of Dallie Melot.

What happened to them when they sought to get rid of whiskey, then the men’s gender was stuck in the vagina. The situation came to be the doctor’s help to get it out. Only after helping the physician they could be separated.
The merchants who had sexual activity in the hotel with their domestic worker went badly when their gender was stuck in the worker’s cunt.

They were forced to enter the hotel staff after they were not successful even after spending hundreds of millions of people out there. After the situation could not be deteriorated, the doctor came to the doctor and the doctor separated them.

The event of Kenya’s event has been in a hotel in the city of Trance-Novia County. Hotel staff informed the police after a couple of mourning in a hotel room. Soon when they reached the room of the police station, they were having sex. Then the police called the doctor’s team and the doctor separated them.

The kit came to the city on the business of those businessmen. He left Aftabam at home and brought the workman to the hotel with him. According to Shree Bastika of the trader, he has also been welcomed with the house. The police have arrested the traders and their workers. The hotel was crowded outside the incident. The police have to fire air to take control of the crowd.

How did the gutter fall in?

As a sex, they have not yet been able to understand how their bungalows are stuck. But medical science has called it ‘penis capitudes sichus’. It’s as little or exceptionally as possible. ‘Penis Capitus Sichuan’ is created when the vagina goes tightly after the vagina goes inside.

At this time, the muscle of the vagina is also hardened, due to this acne, the penis are attached to the vagina’s muscle. Doctors say those who are unable to come out of the vaginal vagina. Sex fluid does not get out of the vaginal until the condition of the vaginal muscle is low and the sex does not reduce blood flow.


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