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This man killed his wife and kept the dead body hidden for 24 hours.


Kathmandu | A man has killed his wife while fighting. Although the murderer had killed wife on night on October 9, the murderer kept the incident closed for 24 hours. Bhojpur Yangpang, 23, of the 23-year-old Nirmala, who was married to Bhumlu village 6, Kavre, has been murdered by prince Kumar, her husband Pushkar.

Nirmal died when Prakash Pehri took control of Palang in Kathmandu while fighting in Deraa in Bagabar area of ​​Kathmandu. Although Nirmal died on December 10, prince had kept the incident secret. But after failing to hide from the path, Rajkumar informed the relatives about the death of Nehamal in the morning.

The team of Superintendent, who has been receiving information about the incident, has taken control of Nirmala’s family, Raj Kumar. In the initial statement with police, Rajkumar accepted his crime, police said. SP Sameendra Singh Rathore of Crime Superintendent said that during the initial statement, Raj Kumar accepted the murder of Smt. Nirmamala himself.


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