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What’s your price?


I know .. He answered himself while answering himself.

I was delighted to slow down my secret. There was a lot of anger in the mind but did not show up in the face. ‘Devyani is not a lady of a good character.’ She wants to know her opinion. Well .. all said that. He gave half an answer.

I was curiously looking at him and said, ‘What was the end, and at that time did everyone get bad? I love to know everything Do not say irreversible words. ‘He was very disturbed by listening to me.

‘I do not even know much about that.’ The pig said with a knife. ‘Did he have a stomach without having a bath without having to get married?’ I took a knife in my heart and asked. He could not tie with me. Slowly said – okay.

Who has a stomach, Devayani? I questioned questions. He turned the glass of dyeing and said – some of his own uncle. I also heard the businessman Madhesi.

I pulled the photo of Devayani from the bag and said – is not it Devyani? She snatched a photo of one minute I said and said yes. “And how did you know them,” she said. Just like scared. I laughing at the photo bag, but did not answer him.

And what happened Did she get a baby? What is born How long is it now? I once asked for a question. He said just like a drop – know me. Is this the same thing to ask? I have not got a contract to know about others. He tried to get up from the chair. I too strongly said – you do not want to see the contractor to inform you about others. I wanted to see myself being anonymous anonymous.

After listening to me, while making red red eyes, he said – What’s wrong? Who are you cowardly? In the meantime, the man who was addressing you came to you. ‘Do you really want to hear what I am?’ I too came to you. And add – I am a pillar of your sermon. Devayani’s daughter. Which you did not want to be born. Today is before you …

Why do not you speak? You are not my arm? Are you not mine and my mother’s wasted life? Due to your reason, I have been answering many questions about this society. Why do you do that? Can not say yet How many parts are you from reality? I asked hundreds of questions. My answer was only his answer. Finally I said – ‘Yes, I’m your arm.’

Me and Devyani loved each other. However, there were children in my house. After finding out that Devyani was pregnant, I stole a lot of her womb. He did not agree So leaving him and village I reached India. Why is he shouting his stomach? About twenty-four years came to Nepal.

Where does she stay late, what is the condition, nothing is known. I even forgot my old days. I did not even think of a dream that I would meet you one day. Excuse me, your unborn baby. What do you want me to do

‘Now I can not give you back after my name.’ Instead, how much is your payment value? I want to pay. Want to keep you and my account any. What is the reason for which I am in the land today?

I wanted to know you The self-determination of the society had to be found. Get to know I do not need anything. Confirming your property and family will not be added to you. If you can, give me one thing.

‘What is the daughter?’ She started heading as a naughty boy. Do not tell me daughter. My and my grandma go straight away. I do not even tell my mother what you met. She is very happy with me. ‘So say and walk there. The reality of my arms is not realistic in my heart.

There is a thing to be more interested in showing than ever. No one clapped when the queen returned from victory to the queen. Neither played with their own mind. However, victory is finally the victory. There is nothing to win just to get something, to know something. The first day in the examination test is still fresh with me.


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