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Woman killed her own lover by a knife in Kuwait


The work of Tanhun, who came to Kuwait from the time of employment. In the case of 1 Tarik, 2017 on Wednesday, a common fight after drinking powdery has been killed due to a knife used by the girl. Maya Maya Gurung, living in the past four years, has been illegally living in Kaimasang and the deceased husband has recently changed the company and is legally employed in a new company.

Also, there have been some illegal Nepalese people in the incident and the other apartments of that house also have been arrested for the arrest of other illegal Nepali workers by the Kuwait Police. According to the police, Kupit police have been arrested for investigation. Regarding the regulation of the concerned body Secretary of the Nepal Embassy ditiya taken ranama knowledge Bahadur Magar information about the incident with the official bodies, including the appropriate investigation to ensure justice in accordance with legal procedure, said they lend.


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